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The Monster In Mummy is a children’s book written by author, Donia Youssef. Donia wrote the book after being diagnosed with breast cancer and not knowing how to explain what was happening to her two young children, she decided to create a story book.

Donia approached us halfway through the project, after hitting some roadblocks. Writing and marketing a book is not easy, especially for a first time author.

Our job was to help Donia complete her project and we assisted in several ways, including:

  • Finishing the book, including finalising the design, improving the manuscript and creating the final print file
  • Creating the Monster In Mummy website
  • Organising the book’s launch party
  • Organising post launch marketing, including video interviews and magazine features
  • Assisting Donia with creating a transferable system so she could repeated the process for future titles.

The book has gone on to be a great success, winning multiple awards and spawning a series of consecutive titles under the “The Monster Series” as well as a feature film based on Donia’s life.

Project Details


Donia Youssef



February 14, 2021


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