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Built on Word Press

The worlds most popular (and arguably most powerful) content managed system can be used to create almost any site imaginable!

However, with millions of themes and plugins available to expand even basic functionality many website end up a jumbled mess of conflicting code, with poor optimisation and slow performance.

We simplify the process by building websites from the ground up with no “pre-built” themes using the 2 most advanced page builders,  Elementor Pro and Oxygen Builder.  

That means better performance, lower costs and fewer things to go wrong!

Great Features and Functionality

Easy to navigate and use but packing serious oomph under the hood!

Each website we deliver is built from scratch. We do not use pre-made themes, ensuring your website is unique and one of a kind.

We use a 'mobile first' design approach so your website looks good on any screen.

Our websites are always hosted on virtual private servers (VPS). This means server resources are not shared between different clients or application, reducing latency and load times for your visitors. 

Our servers also use solid state drive (SSD) storage for improved performance, are located in your site's service area (for further speed improvement) with multiple server locations across Europe, North America and Asia. 

Available with our Ongoing Support Plan, the basic hosting package includes:

  • Digital Ocean Server
  • 1 Core Processor
  • 1GB Ram
  • 25GB Storage
  • 1TB of transfers (monthly)

Check out our hosting packages for more providers, options and locations. 

Want your own hosting?

No problem, we recommend Cloudways or Site Ground. Check out our Resources section for more tools and services we use ourselves. 

Because the site is build around your specific requirements we can keep the code light and bloat free.

There's no point in having a website if no one can find it and while you can use paid methods such as PPC, Programmatic Ad Delivery and Social Media Ad Campaigns, the best way to get visitors landing on your site is still through organic traffic. 

While there are no shortcuts to organic traffic but there are things which we can do to ease the process.

That's why every website we deliver comes with:

  • RankMath SEO pre-installed and configured 
  • Keywords set on all pages
  • Alt tags on all images 
  • Link your Google Analytics and Google Search Console profiles
  • Clean code and correct formatting

We also offer a wide range of SEO services, check them out here.

Let users browse and shop with confidence on your site, knowing their connection is secured with SSL encryption. Free with all Hosting and Ongoing Support plans.

Automated or on-demand backups are created at an offsite location and can be restored with 1-Click. We can even revert with 1-Click.

Available on our hosting plans or with our Ongoing Support packages

We use Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to ensure your website can be reached quickly from anywhere in the world. 

A CDN allows for the quick transfer of assets needed for loading Internet content including HTML pages, JavaScript files, stylesheets, images, and videos.

As always, we take care of the setup and monitor performance at all times, giving you a hassle-free boost to site performance!

CDN integration is availailable with all hosting packages as well as our Ongoing Website Support

If you already have a website, starting a new one from scratch might not be ideal. This is especially true if you have a lot of content like blog posts, products or orders. It can be a real pain to lose all that information, or have to painstakingly add everything back in by hand. 

With our free migration service we can quickly transfer your existing website to our servers. This means your existing content, blogs, articles, links and so on are all saved, allowing for quicker deployment and lower costs. 

We take care of everything from domain mapping to hosting, SSL, server settings and even email set up.

Our optional support packages also include daily backups, pro licenses for critical plugins, caching ,SSL certificates, hosting, firewall and CDN (Content Delivery Network).

We replace around 80% of plugins with custom built functionality, eliminating possible code conflicts and future issues.

24 hour protection for your website blocks traffic congestion caused by malicious bots. The system automatically stops brute force login attacks and Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks. 

Automatically share updates on your website with your social media followers.

Add additional data fields to posts, such as ingredients lists for recipe blogs. Combined with custom posts types, the possibilities are endless!

Great for websites that host curses, food recipes, online directories and much more!

Expanded functionality with advanced forms. Store and display data in new ways, collect payments, send customised emails, generate pdf receipts and lots lots more.

Premium Tools & Plugins

Blazing fast, highly interactive websites require only the best premium tools and plugins.

This can easily run up your costs into hundreds of dollars. Luckily, we provide active licenses for every plugin in use for an entire year. Plus with optional Ongoing Support Plan, you can continue to receive updates and the latest security fixes indefinitely. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

On average, we take roughly 3 business days from time of order to deliver your content.

We cover blog posts, website copy (about us, services etc), product descriptions, educational articles, press release writing, course descriptions/lessons and reviews.

We offer a wide range of content lengths, these can be found directly on the order form. Simply ensure that the length you require is covered by the option you pick. If you need it to be a specific length, simply include a note in the Project Brief. 

Sure! You will have 10 days (from point of delivery) to request amendments. 

To do so, open the Google Doc contain you content and highlight areas you want re-written and select "add comment". Include any notes on what you would like us to change and we'll get it all updated within 2 days.

We will email the content to you as a Google Doc attachment. This allows you to save it to your own Google Drive and because is in the cloud, if you need changes you can highlight areas of concern and we will receive those note as well!

Yes we can. We are happy to help publish to any CMS based website (WordPress, Wixx, Squarespace etc). Just let us know on the order form.

Just remember, you need to give us login details. We can sort this out by email once your order is being processed.

At the moment, we are only able to offer UK/US English articles. However, if we see a demand growing for a additional language we may add this in the future. 

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